Custom made fabric sofa living room decorated with carved luxury sofa

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Craftsman spirit

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All solid wood frame
Pure manual gold painting and carving: the master's exquisite craftsmanship, a knife and a carve show the craftsman's skill, and the patterns of flowers are various and charming

It's more economical to match and buy

King's seat

Touch luxury, European style solid wood cloth sofa

Convenience: the sofa can be disassembled and installed, strong: rubber wood frame, durable: enjoy blended yarn cotton linen, noble: luxurious American design, exquisite hand carving

Beautiful tastes, cotton and linen

Stable and broad body shape

A person can choose the vision

Design concept: this sofa combination is luxurious and elegant as a whole, quite Royal. It breaks through the traditional thinking. The jumping color collocation shows elegant style. It brings you comfortable enjoyment and adds a trace of artistic flavor to your room

Test report: it has been tested and certified by relevant departments

Solid wood frame, super load-bearing

Special support foot design, strong load-bearing performance

Create quality, come from life

Sofa wooden frame upgrade: internal structure wooden frame is made of solid wood and rubber wood

Smooth and wear-resistant, clear wood grain, firm upgrade

Comprehensive upgrade, blended yarn cotton linen: full of elasticity, good skin affinity, comfortable and breathable, easy to clean

Comfortable and dirty resistant cloth art: the sofa fabric is made of blended yarn cloth, which is wear-resistant, dirty resistant, easy to clean, strong and durable! Sofa pillow adopts washable design, simple and convenient, clean and tidy

Upgrading blended yarn cotton and hemp: three advantages, durable

1. Anti wrinkle and wrap shape is very good, durable use, no deformation, no wrinkle! 2. Air permeability and comfort, no door-to-door in summer, warm in winter, is a better material selection for furniture fabrics. 3. Acid and alkali resistant, not afraid of moths. It has been used for decades, and it is still as bright as new!

What should I do if I get dirty?

Seat cushion, pillow, back cushion, armrest towel can be disassembled and washable, which can solve mother's troubles and make clean and comfortable life partner

Elegant temperament comes from precious materials, and art appreciation comes from life inspiration. You can enjoy the unique elegance and luxury of European style castle

Product Photograph

1. Health and environmental protection paint, 2, rubber wood solid wood frame, 3, blended yarn cotton linen, 4, high resilience cushion, 5, removable washable seat bag, 6, thick solid wood foot, 7, comfortable armrest

Elegant luxury series - noble color

3D doll cotton filling: full and fluffy

Exquisite carving - Classic aftertaste: professional and strict material selection, multi process drying and cutting, craftsman hand grinding

High density sponge + independent spring bag

Thick and wear-resistant: cushion with high resilience sponge, strong three-dimensional sense, close to the skin and breathable, help release body pressure

Independent spring seat bag: the sofa seat bag has built-in independent spring seat package, which is full of elasticity and is not easy to deform

Compression resistance: each bullet frame is made of 15 high carbon steel wire with gold wire, and the compression effect is first-class

Durable: quality assurance, the spring after many times of high temperature treatment is more durable

Comfortable, to meet the different needs of human body, can accurately respond to the body's small soft pressure, make appropriate adjustments

Elegant and beautiful armrest

The armrest design height conforms to the ergonomics, ensures the hand to put in the comfortable position, gives you more comfortable to lean on

Solid wood support, gem quality

The arc of the foothold carves out the elegance contained in the massiness, solid modeling and strong support, so that you can enjoy it without any scruples

Length, width and height: size cm

Manual measurement error is 0-5cm

The back cushion can be customized.

Special remarks: the back and foot of sofa can be disassembled. If the back and foot are removed, the door larger than 65cm can pass through

It is recommended to dry clean sofa cloth cover and pillow, which is beneficial to prolong the service life of sofa

Material introduction:

1. Seat frame material: high quality rubber wood frame; 2. Sofa fabric is made of high-grade mixed gauze; 3. Sofa seat bag filling material: density sponge; 4. All boards are treated with formaldehyde elimination, and the formaldehyde emission of boards is better than the environmental protection level, which ensures the environmental protection and safety of furniture

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review images
27 Jun, 2016 at 2:30pm

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